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My homeland suffering from unfair and ruthless war. Ukrainians die every day on both frontline and in the rear. My hometown Zaporizhya is suffering from rocket strikes. Cities like Soledar and Bakhmut are wiped off the face of the Earth. Russians say they liberated the city of Soledar. The only thing they liberated Soledar from is life.

Soledar this days. Completely destroyed.
Destroyed home in Zaporizhya. Photo by me.

The only thing ukrainian fights for is to live in peace on their lands. The only thing russian firghts for is to take possession of someone else’s. Divide and rule. They forgot WW2 which taken lifes of milions of people. They forgot that war is first a dead end and then a disaster. The only posible result of that war is died people from both sides. The longer it takes – more people die.

At the very begining russians tried to do some kind of blitzkrieg like germans did in WW2 with Poland. The only difference is russians weren’t successful. They lost “special operation” but now they want to win “war”.

You may thing that giving territories to russia is a way out of a dead end. Honestly, thats just a way to move it a little to the future. Yo may remember WW2 when Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia. Allies tried to feed the agressor. Allies tried to avoid war. In the end they got an even bigger and meaner than it could have been at first. You remember how it ended – millions of mans died from all continents.

The only way I see is to end this is to make the russian war machine choke. The only way to bet aggressor is to repel an attack – simple principle everyone knows from school. I believe that scales up to any type of aggression.

Sadly but true that we have to stand to the end. There’s no way to surrender but there’s a way to make the end closer and less painful. The sooner it get – less people die from BOTH sides. More we supply defenders – more we get.

You most likely get to this page from one of my websites/php packages. There’s a way to say “thanks” – to help me supply defenders. War is complex and all-round thing. So is help. I’m volunteering defenders by buying: drones like DJI – they’re used for scouting, potbelly stoves – to warm in the cold trenches, generators – to make it able defenders to call their folks and say they’re safe.

You can help me doing that by sending any amount of $ to my paypal account: [email protected]. 100% funds will go to supply defenders. I’ll attach reports here to this post.

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