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Hi everybody! Recently I had an interesting discussion: my friend who is a head of analytics team was complaining about low speed processing on large amount of data when you making pivot tables and/or do filtering in Excel. He told me that it takes hours or even impossible to process a single file with a lot of rows (about 1 mil). Sometimes you have a lot raw data – like financial reports, etc, and there is no chance to process it quick by using analytic tools.

So after some analysis and discussion I decided to write a piece of software that will help people to resolve that particular issue. I developed a small program that allows to to filter and build pivot tables from really large csv files (why csv? because its super-lightweight for data processing).

I asked my friend to do some tests on it and it took a single minute of calculation time to make a pivot table from a file which was 4 millions rows in length. He really liked this thing and found it helpful. So I decided to push this little software into web for free and made an installer (portable version is also available). It is really tiny, about 1 mb in total.

Feel free to test and you are welcome to write any feedback about it into comment to this article and your thoughts about possible features/improvements.

[attachment will be available soon]

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